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Do Granola That Does Life

Your Handcrafted Adventure Fuel Awaits

No Matter The Mountain You’re Facing,
Your Fullest Potential Begins With Foods That Lift You Up

Gluten Free   •   Dairy Free   •   Less Sugar   •   Real Fruits and Vegetables

Give Your Pantry a Boost

(It’s been asking for that spark of flavor)

Meet the Makers

Meet the Makers of Elevated Oats, Megan Militello and Lacey Ernandes

We met in 2007 in Iraq as air traffic controllers. After our second deployment, life continued on for both of us on different paths. During that time, both of us came face to face with the darkest times in our lives. Separately we sought refuge with therapy and family. And then one day, I–Megan–decided to make a batch of granola made with bananas from my backyard and followed my life-long passion of becoming an entrepreneur.


With an Instagram post and comment from me–Lacey– Elevated Oats became so much more than just an idea. We reconnected, healing and lifting each other up. And from that moment on, it became our goal to elevate your life, just like we did ours.


So with one banana bread granola recipe, one idea, and two women on a mission, Elevated Oats was born.

Embody the Elevation

Merchandise made to pair with your adventure-heavy habits. Tees, hoodies, hats, and more designed to lift you up.

Elevated Oats Merchandise

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