When it comes to your health,

we believe you should have options.

Elevated Oats is a no BS granola company dedicated to changing our relationship with food. In an industry that’s dominated by fake ingredients and fillers, granola can be surprisingly unhealthy.

And for a food that’s used in so many different ways, it should add flavor to your meals—not just filler.

Elevated Oats Granola Parfait in Anchora
We believe your food should, too.

Founded in 2019, by veteran entrepreneur, Megan Militello, Elevated Oats is the culmination of a lifelong appreciation
of simplicity. Originally from California and later stationed
in Honolulu, Hawaii, island life brought a calm after the
storm of serving in the Army.


Running an Airbnb, cooking meals daily, and studying to be a health coach set the path for Elevated Oats. Moving to Alaska ready to build something of her own paved it.


Today, Elevated Oats can be found in coffee shops, kombucha bars, and farm-to-table boxes all across Alaska.

Elevated Oats is here to show that you can eat colorful, versatile, and simple granola that isn’t only good for you—it ELEVATES You!

Meet The Team

Megan Militello

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Megan is founder, CEO, head chef, and lead recipe strategist of Elevated Oats—basically, she sets the sails for Elevated Oats’ to reach new horizons. When she’s not behind her desk or the chopping board, she’s living her Elevated Life scaling mountains, exploring the Alaskan wilderness, and DIY-ing something.

Lacey Ernandes

Lacey is CCO (Chief Creative Officer), business partner, and lead brand strategist for Elevated Oats. She’s wicked with visuals, strong in what she stands for, and open to telling her story—all core values that have shaped EO’s brand and messaging. When she’s not drawing oats from all angles, she’s playing video games and…nope, still drawing.

Sarah Katari

Sarah leads Elevated Oats’ brand messaging across all platforms including social media, blog, and newsletters. With Megan’s sails and Lacey’s strategy, Sarah crafts the story to connect with our audiences—whether old or young, AMAB or AFAB, adventurous outside or at home.

Karl Moore

Karl is Head of the Kitchen’s Creatives—he spends most of his days in the heat building our end-to-end kitchen team, strategic recipe direction, and has full control over our next flavor destination. When he’s not in the factory’s kitchen, he’s at home trying out new things with seafood, snacks, and sugar.

Elle Duchesne

Elle is Megan’s Parallel CEO. For lack of better phrasing, she simply does everything. From back-end administrative clean-up to front-facing fan raving, Elle kicks ass, takes names, and makes sure to ask insightful questions along the way.

Mark Militello

Mark is Elevated Oats’ all-rounder and #1 fan. From the moment he knew EO was a plant ready to bud, he was there watering the seed, fixing ovens, balancing checkbooks, and filling our brand new bags. What more could you want of an Oat Dad?

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