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One Patch of Bananas, Two Women, And A Fateful Instagram Post...

Elevated Oats Was Born

We're Megan + Lacey

Megan Militello and Lacey Ernandes, Founders of Elevated Oats
Megan Militello, CEO of Elevated Oats


I traded prom dresses and yearbooks for fatigues and rifles at the age of 17 where

I met Lacey and we became fierce friends. After the army, life and location kept us apart.


I moved to Hawaii to become an air traffic controller where in my spare time

I started making granola using bananas from my own banana patch. And then came love…and then the impossible yet vital decision to leave it. I ran to my dad in Alaska–my safe haven–with 2 bags, and Beamer, my 5lb chihuahua. 


As I flew over the Big Island, I gripped the seat and fought the rubber band tension around my chest. Down below (in paradise no less) was my broken marriage, broken career, and broken dream. But there was one thing I was taking with me that would be the catalyst for change…


A recipe for banana bread granola. 


I posted a picture on Instagram of my granola bags, which prompted a comment from an old friend…


After needing to get out of my small town, I joined the army at 19 and found my “battle buddy”, Megan in the desert sands of Iraq. A few years later, I plucked myself out of the military and into civilian life where marriage and motherhood found me. Wanting stability for my kid (and if I’m being honest–for me too), I got my first “grown up” job as a bill collector and watched as it slowly chipped away at me. 


I was triggered constantly and needed a lifeline, which I found in graphic design. Soon after, I left my job and vowed never to line the pockets of someone else again. However, with time on my hands, past traumas constantly bubbled to the surface and soon I couldn’t get them to stop.


And then one day, I saw a post on Instagram from my old friend Megan. On a whim, I commented, “Interested in labels?” Spoiler alert: she was.

Lacey Ernandes, COO of Elevated Oats
Megan Militello and Lacey Ernandes, Founders of Elevated Oats

We reconnected during the darkest part of our lives. But after healing and lifting each other up, it became our goal to elevate your life–just like we did ours.

We Value...

Championing mental health
Getting outside in nature
Raising each other up
Always be learning and growing
Eating the rainbow

The Original Flavor That Started It All

Banana Nut Bread | Gourmet Granola | Elevated Oats
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