Using Elevated Oats to fuel your adventures?

It’s Time You Got Rewarded for Eating Granola

Become an Elevated Oats Ambassador and not only spread the word on living an elevated life, but get the perks along the way

Image by Edoardo Busti

When we started Elevated Oats our mission was simple: get people moving with the help of our nutrient dense and colorful granola (#pinkgranola4thewin). 


But then the most amazing thing happened…


Our wonderful community of Oaties weren’t just fueling their adventures with our granola, they were helping us lead the charge in living elevated lives.


A life full of:


  • Harmony

  • Balance

  • Support

  • Abundance

  • And Growth


The Oatie community thrived on trying new experiences, challenging themselves, working hard, and being there for those they care about. 


You landed here because something in that conversation resonated with you. And it’s here where you can join the fun.

Introducing the Elevated Oats Ambassador Program

It’s a way for us to grow together, encourage a life lived in harmony, help others get their bodies moving–


And give you the perks along the way 😉


Here’s what you get inside the program:


  1. Your own EO Ambassador coupon code. Share it with others and you get 5% of each sale (30 day probation period)

  2. Welcome to the Crew Package: EO T-shirt, a flight of all four flavors of granola, plus stickers/decal

  3. Granola each month + the first to try new products (hint: we’ve got some great new recipes in the works)

  4. Merchandise. One new piece every 6 months

  5. Highlighted on Elevated Oats social media and website. We want to brag about you, plain and simple.


This program is right for you if you:

  1. Already use the product

  2. Are living an elevated lifestyle

  3. Have a minimum of 1,000 followers on social Instagram

  4. Live in Alaska

The Elevated Oats Ambassador Program is free to join.

All we need is your pledge to start the elevated life conversation.

Here’s what it takes to join:

  1. One post every 2 weeks on Instagram (regular post on feed) and one Story post a week

  2. Must show at least one EO product in each post, additionally showing an elevated lifestyle

  3. Must commit for 6 months at a time 

  4. Use hashtags that we use on the EO social media such as #elevatedoats #elevatedlife #elevateyourfood #getelevated #ad


We’ve been talking about the idea of giving the Oatie community more of a voice, and so this is how we invite you to do that.


Just hit the button below and you’ll be taken to an application. Once we receive your application, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Ready? Let’s do this.

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I want to be an Elevated Oats Ambassador, Sign me up!

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