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This is Not Your Granny's Granola

It's Food
That Lifts You Up

• Less Sugar

• Made with fruits AND vegetables

• Alaskan made


• Gluten Free

Elevated Oats Gluten Free Gourmet Granola Snack Packs made with real fruits and vegetables

Elevated Oats is more than what’s in the package.

We are a brand that helps you live the way you choose to live. Our granola includes fruits and veggies without all the refined sugar. It’s lightweight, nutrient-dense, and crafted to keep you fueled through your next adventure.

We Believe...

Choosing foods that lift you up–mind, body, and soul–is the gateway to not only living a good life but an Elevated Life. A life that’s full of health, growth, and connection.

Adventure Fueling Recipes

Elevated Oats Almond Cocoa Round Recipe
Toasted Orange Amaretto Overnight Oats Recipe
Salted Cocoa Crunch Gourmet Granola Trail Mix Recipe

Committed To:

  • helping you make better food choices

  • fueling your adventurous life

  • standing by your side as you climb for an exceptional life

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