This is Not Your Granny's Granola

It's Food
That Lifts You Up

• Less Sugar

• Made with fruits AND vegetables

• Alaskan made


• Gluten Free

Elevated Oats is more than what’s in the package.

We are a brand that helps you live the way you choose to live. Our granola includes fruits and veggies without all the refined sugar. It’s lightweight, nutrient-dense, and crafted to keep you fueled through your next adventure.

We Believe...

Choosing foods that lift you up–mind, body, and soul–is the gateway to not only living a good life but an Elevated Life. A life that’s full of health, growth, and connection.

Adventure Fueling Recipes

Elevated Oats Almond Cocoa Round

We Are Committed To:

  • high-quality ingredients

  • eating foods of every color

  • versatility and creativity 

  • helping you make better food choices

  • fueling your adventurous life

  • standing by your side as you climb for an exceptional life