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5 Foods to Eat To Boost Your Immune System

The Importance of Boosting Your Immune System

The immune system is the body's natural defense system. It protects the body from bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites by attacking them with cells and chemicals.

Boosting your immune system is vital to staying healthy and fighting off disease.

There are many ways to boost your immune system, but one of the most important ways is by eating foods that contain antioxidants, such as blueberries or kale. Antioxidants help protect cells from free radicals which can damage it in a process called oxidation.

The 5 Best Foods To Eat for a Better Immune System & Health

A healthy body is a happy body. One of the best ways to maintain your health is by eating the right foods. Here are 5 foods that are great for your immune system.


Almonds have lots of health benefits. Among them are increasing white blood cell production, the body's main defense against viral infections that cause colds and flus. Besides that, they contain vitamins and minerals that help your immune system. Almonds are a significant source of manganese and copper, both essential minerals. Combining these minerals with Vitamin E (which almonds are full of) boosts your immune system like nothing else.


Vitamin B6 in bananas helps develop the brain, regulate the nervous system, and keep your immune system healthy. Additionally, almost all of your immune cells live in your digestive tract, so gut health is crucial for staying healthy. Your immune system will benefit greatly from bananas since they help maintain a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria in your gut.


An antioxidant superstar, the red beet protects us from inflammation and a diminished immune system. Beets are also packed with vitamins C, iron, and zinc. These nutrients have been shown to play a vital role in protecting against diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, and parasites. You can protect your body from infections and viruses by eating antioxidant-rich foods. Add some beautiful, vibrant beets (especially red) to your diet if you need a boost!


Carrots are loaded with antioxidants and offer a ton of health benefits. Carrots contain vitamin C, which aids in the creation of antibodies against disease. Vitamin C is also important for preventing infections as it helps your body absorb and use iron.


Honey is a phytonutrient powerhouse! Plants have compounds called phytonutrients that protect them from harm. Some keep insects away or protect plants from UV rays. There are phytonutrients in honey that make it antioxidant, antibacterial, and antifungal. These are also thought to be the reason raw honey boosts your immune system and fights cancer.

How to Add More Immunity Boosting Foods to Your Diet

Now that you know why you immunity boosting foods are good for you, you might be wondering how you can incorporate more your diet.

Here are a few ways you can start eating more immunity boosting foods in your everyday life:

  • Eat Banana Nut Bread as your cereal in the morning

  • Pack almonds as a snack for the afternoon

  • Make a smoothie and have beets as one of the main ingredients

  • Add carrot heavy, Toasted Orange Amaretto onto your salad

  • Enjoy a yogurt parfait and make bananas one of the main ingredients, but don’t skip on the honey!

  • Have an almond butter + jelly sandwich

  • Pack Cranberry Cashew Chew for the family

  • Bake your own carrot cake or muffins at home

  • Sweeten your tea with a bit of raw honey

  • Enjoy our almond packed, Salted Cocoa Crunch with your ice cream

Start Eating These 5 Foods Today and Feel The Difference

Enjoy some of the health benefits of these five superfoods by picking some up from your local grocery store today!

Looking for a new way to add these 5 superfoods into your diet? Our gluten free gourmet granola features either almonds, bananas, beets, or carrots as the SECOND ingredient 🤩

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