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7 Ways to enjoy Elevated Oats

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Elevated OATS— it's always been about the oats.

I started with the idea of EO creating several different types of OAT based products (it's still a dream!). I was blown away with their versatility and needed to share that with the people I love. As I began developing the business plan for EO, it became clear that I needed to narrow my focus to get us up-and-running.

NOW— the focus is on GRANOLA— but that does not mean oats have lost versatility! When I was doing trade shows last year, SO MANY oaties were thrilled about this little "ways to enjoy granola" card I handed outWith our website live and our soft launch on May 15th, I thought I would share some more!

7 ways to enjoy Elevated Oatsone for each day of the week 🥳

  1. Salads. You'll be the freshest chef when you sprinkle Elevated Oats over salads. This crunchy topping is better with naturally sweet veggies, like snap peas or roasted carrots.

  2. Puddings. Take your yogurt parfait into the 21st century. Sprinkle Elevated Oats over your chia seed pudding.

  3. Fruit crisps. In a food processor, pulse Elevated Oats with softened butter, flour, and sugar for a different kind of streusel topping.

  4. Trail Mix. Munch on Elevated Oats straight outta the bag for a quick energy-boosting snack.

  5. Breakfast baked goods. Toss a handful of Elevated Oats into your muffin or pancake batter to add texture and crunch.

  6. Breakfast cereals.  Enjoy Elevated Oats with milk for a cereal that always has some crunch!

  7. Yogurts. Mix up your make-and-take routine. Add a serving of Elevated Oats to plain greek yogurt and drizzle with honey. FRIDGE. SLEEP. MIX. ENJOY! 

How do you Elevate your OATS?

Show us your creations ⤵️

use #elevatedoats + tag @elevatedoats on social media

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