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Almond Cocoa Rounds Recipe

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Can't get your hands on our almond cocoa rounds? 😞

That's ok! You can make them AT HOME, with our salted cocoa crunch granola! 🤩

These super easy no-bake cookies are made from our best-selling granola, Salted Cocoa Crunch (Formerly Dark & Salty). These cookies are full of flavor and fiber to serve as an energy boost for the afternoon or a healthy dessert.

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Elevated Oats Almond Cocoa Round

Finding ways to elevate oats is kind of our thing. So when our CEO, Megan, comes into work excited with a new recipe, we lean in a little too close and listen. Moms, fitness folks, and busy professionals: we see you. You’re constantly on the go and very aware of what you put in your body. With you in mind, as soon as we took a bite of Megan’s new cookie concoction, we knew we needed to share these with you immediately. These cookies are so simple, delicious, healthy, and most importantly—require NO BAKING. And please…let’s talk texture! The clusters in our Salted Cocoa Crunch granola add some crunchy goodness, while the smoothness of the almond butter ties it together. These cookies have juuuust the right amount of sweetness to satisfy your sweet tooth while packing in a ton of nutrients. That’s a win-win in our book.

🍪 What’s in these Almond Cocoa Rounds? Here’s the good news: We do the hard work for you by providing the rich sweet and salty flavors in our Salted Cocoa Crunch granola (though, you can use whatever granola you have on hand). Not only do we use simple ingredients to make our granola, but you only need to add oats, almond butter, and honey. The oats in the rounds are an excellent source of complex carbs that’ll give you energy when you need it most. The granola itself is sweetened with pure maple syrup and honey instead of cups (and cups and cups) of white sugar. The coconut oil and almond butter add the healthy fats that our hair, skin, and nails crave. Plus…did we mention they were just dang good? No? Okay, they’re dang good.

Here’s what makes up our Almond Cocoa Rounds 👇

🌾 Rolled oats Also known as “old fashioned oats”, these are a great source of fiber and are full of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. They keep you fuller longer meaning just one of these cookies can hold you off until your next meal. (Not that it’s easy to eat just one.) 🌰 Almonds and almond butter Almond butter is nuttier and slightly richer than its peanut buddy. This powerhouse nut flexes its muscles by helping us reduce hunger and promote weight loss. Plus…it just rocks when it comes to baking. To keep things extra simple, look for an almond butter brand that has only almonds and salt as the ingredients. (We use Kirkland brand from Costco)

🥥 Coconut oil and coconut chips The slightly sweet and nutty flavors of coconut also come with high nutrition. Coconuts are especially known for the mineral manganese which helps us metabolize carbohydrates, proteins, and cholesterol. And let’s be honest—the toasty taste can’t be beaten. 🌱 Organic chia seeds These dense, small, and crunchy superfoods taste a bit like poppy seeds and are the perfect addition to granola when you want to pack a punch with antioxidants and add an impressive amount of fiber. Because more fiber = a happier gut! 🍫 Organic cocoa powder The organic cocoa powder is directly responsible for the intense chocolate flavor you’ll find when eating Salted Cocoa Crunch Organic cocoa powder is rich in polyphenols, which can help us reduce inflammation and improve cholesterol levels. It’s non-organic counterpart, on the other hand, uses artificial flavoring and dyes, which leads to a lower quality cookie. We also use dutch processed cocoa powder, which allows for a thicker and more chocolatey mix #winwin ☕️ Cinnamon This spice is one of our favorites as it pairs so nicely with chocolate. It adds a little bit of warmth alongside its natural anti-inflammatory properties while providing a simple sweetness to the granola mix. 🧂 Salt Full confession: We are obsessed with sweet and salty pairings and this granola doesn’t disappoint. And when you put it in a cookie? It’s hard to have just one. Fun Elevated Oats fact: we use coarse salt in all our granolas, though Salted Cocoa Crunch is extra special.

The salt is added late to ensure you will have those pops of salt in each bite.

You’re welcome 😉

Download the FREE recipe below 👇

Elevated Oats Almond Cocoa Rounds Recipe
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