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  • Lacey, Co-Founder + Brand Builder

Do Granola That Does Life 💪

Elevated Oats Gourmet Granola

I’ve got to tell you, our inboxes and DMs are PACKED with messages from fellow Oaties like you who are excited as we are about the new bags. They are SO gorgeous. (Pink is my fav and totally 🔥).

So I have to ask…

Are you ready to do granola that does life?

Can’t decide which one, meet our granola line up 👇

Banana Nut Bread

The OG that started it all. Handcrafted to be the healthier version of your grandma’s famous banana bread, this hearty granola blends a creamy chewy texture from real bananas with the crunch of nuts and the warmth of cinnamon.

Salted Cocoa Crunch

*Our favorite* Crunchy bites of rich chocolate and savory salt elevate this decadent granola, beautifully balanced with honey and slightly sweet coconut. (Bake it into a zucchini bread–you’re welcome)

Cranberry Cashew Chew

A pink granola?! Yes please. This red-velvet cake inspired oat party is not only our sweetest granola, but it has a secret ingredient...beets (kids love this one, tag us on IG when you catch them snacking on it)

Toasted Orange Amaretto

Do you find yourself constantly doing and seeking the unexpected? Then you’ll be a perfect match for Toasted Orange Amaretto, the wily underdog of our granola squad. The unlikely pairing of coconut and carrots makes for a surprising and delicious addition to your granola game. (And if you do it as overnight oats, it’ll taste like pouring yourself a bowl of Trix #throwbackbreakfast)


Megan + Lacey, Friends Serving in Iraq, Receiving Awards

I have to tell you, these last 2 years have been life changing. When we left the Army, I was confused and scared…the military provides an amazing community of brothers and sisters, and I missed that the most.

I’ve found that again with you and the rest of our fellow Oaties.

We're so thankful to have a community of like-minded people around, cheering us on when we feel like everything is a bit too much.

So thank you for being here and thank you for helping us spread the word that…

Megan + Lacey, Founders of Elevated Oats

It is possible to elevate your life just like we did.

It is possible to change your relationship with food (ask me one day about my Pepsi addiction).

It is possible to make choices—simple ones—that will nourish your life.

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