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Feeling powerless?

💪 Try a power stance to elevate your mood.

Megan Militello and furry friends practice a power stance on a mountain top

There have been studies done showing that standing in an expansive posture or “power stance” for just two minutes will significantly increase how powerful you feel. Human beings communicate greatly on a non-verbal level. It has now been proven that your posture alone not only affects those surrounding you, but affects you, yourself, on a chemical level.

As Amy Cuddy explains in this talk from TEDGlobal 2012, we express how powerful we feel though our bodies. When we're unsure, we make ourselves smaller by hunching over, or we might cross our arms over our chest and avoid big movements. When we feel on top of the world, we tend to sprawl out.

Watch her TEDGlobal here 👇

So, practicing a power stance on a regular basis is likely to increase your overall mood as well as your feelings of power. This is just one way that the body can affect the brain.

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