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  • Megan, Founder + CEOat

Food to improve your mood

One of the best things you can do in terms of diet to improve your mood is simply eat a well-balanced diet that contains a variety of health promoting nutrients 💪

Multiple studies support, eating a high-quality, nutrient-dense diet for an improved mood. AND— eating more fruits and vegetables is linked with less worry, lower tension, and greater life satisfaction 🥳

Some of the nutrients most notably linked to mental health 👇

• Omega-3 fatty acids: walnuts, Chia and flax seeds, salmon

• Folate: spinach, asparagus, Brussels sprouts

• Iron: oysters, dark chocolate, lentils

• Magnesium: pumpkin and Chia seeds, almonds, cashews

• Zinc: Alaska king crab, chicken, pumpkin seeds

• B vitamins: salmon, chickpeas, bananas

• vitamin A: sweet potatoes, carrots, cantaloupe

• vitamin C: red and green peppers, orange juice, strawberries

Ultimately— overall quality of your diet is more powerful than just one decision you make in a day. Try to focus on a variety of healthy nutrients rather than just one individually 🌈

Elevated Oats granola is crafted to be nutrient-dense to keep you fueled through any of life’s adventures 🤤

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