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Granola is only the beginning...

Ready to eat? Good, we thought so 😉

Megan here 👋 and this week we are hooking you up with some creative (#throwback) ways to use granola in the kitchen. Most people think that granola is the end game. You make it, you buy it, you munch on it, you’re done (or maybe you get fancy and make a parfait).

But here at Elevated Oats?

Granola is only the beginning, my friend.

Check it out 👇

Almond Cocoa Round

#throwback to dark and salty

First, remember the Instagram Live where we taught you how to make our favorite: Almond Cocoa Rounds (Remember when they were called Dark & Salty No Bake Cookies? 🤩 Wow, so much has changed!) Not only are these little puppies delicious, but they are simple (only 4 ingredients!) and energizing (with complex carbs and protein, they are the perfect snack to take on the trail).

We've also re-posted the recipe in our Oaties group on Facebook—come join us if you haven’t already.

elevated oats gourmet granola

And, you know how we can’t stop talking about our new bags right? Well, that’s because we are just as excited that we're available for purchase at your local Three Bears Alaska NOW 🎉)

Then, remember when I made my dad swoon after pulling out a hot, gooey banana bread??

...where I added Salted Cocoa Crunch (formerly Dark & Salty) to the batter. I dare you to check out this “after” video #sorrynotsorry

We have many things planned for 2022, but one of the most exciting topics are the new recipes we are going to be playing around with. Hello, Granola Club 🙌 —are you ready for this?—savory and spicy granola. We’ve even been kickin’ around the idea of a habanero mango 🥭🌶

Pushing boundaries and being innovative is part of living an elevated life, and we want to invite you to be a part of ours.

Come into our (virtual) kitchen and tell us: what flavors are you dying to try?

We welcome every suggestion.

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