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Here's to three years... 🤯

Let's flashback to three years ago when the first bag of Elevated Oats was ever sold, Lacey created labels, banners and stickers for our new brand to stand out in the hall. 🤩

We were only three months into the business. 🛻 We packed up our truck and drove up to Fairbanks for the first time.

I chose clever names that I thought people would laugh at. And Lacey did not think they were clever. 😆

We sold other oat items like cookies, caramel cups and soap. Everything was made at home and took twice as long. Here we are three years later.

Three types of packaging later.

Now we make much larger batches in our fully dedicated manufacturing facility in South Anchorage.

We have a filling and sealing machine.

We use gluten free oats and all of our granola. We are completely dairy free. I don't know if you remember those white chocolate chips but those definitely had melting issues. 😅

Now you can find elevated oats and over 100 locations throughout Alaska, and it wouldn't be possible without you!

So thank you for being part of our journey.