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How do you connect with food?

The dictionary says that a relationship is the way in which two or more people or things are connected.

So, what is a relationship with food?

If you fuel your body with nutritious goodness, your body will thank you in return. 😄

It's all connected. 🙌

Put it this way you would not invite a friend into your home that does not make you feel comfortable or that you don't get along with, right?

In the case of food, it's not even in your home; it's inside your body! That's why it's important to consume foods that have nutritional benefits.

Consuming sugary foods can leave you feeling fatigued and make it difficult for you to operate at your full potential.

A healthy relationship with food looks like:

👉 no guilt or shame around food choices

👉 not binge eating or feeling guilty about occasional indulgences

👉 able to stop eating when you feel comfortably full

A healthy relationship with food allows you to have the energy to connect with your most authentic self, verses feeding into unhelpful thinking patterns

Here are 3 signs of an unhealthy relationship with food:

😅 You Feel Feelings Of Guilt Or Shame After Eating

Even if you eat “healthy” foods, you may feel guilty or ashamed about what or how much you ate and other things related to your eating habits, particularly if you eat something you weren’t intending to. You should feel neutral to positive after eating a meal, especially if you choose balanced and healthy food.

Recently, an employee brought in these bottled sodas. (I definitely did not think good thoughts about drinking that soda.) That soda made me feel like crap. I know that when I eat a lot of