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  • Lacey, Co-Founder + Brand Builder

You're our "why" 🥳

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

The other day we had one of our Oaties reach out to us and tell us that she didn’t want to try our granola. She—like so many others like her—believed granola was full of fat and sugar. And honestly…she’s not wrong.

There's a lot of nonsense on our grocery store shelves.

Elevated Oats Banana Nut Bread Gourmet Granola Snack Packs

And so much noise out there in regards to your health.

How do you make any decision when you have an INSANE amount of choices?

How do you weed through the BS on the Internet?

And how do you trust that what you are putting in your body is good for you, when you’ve been told the opposite for so long? (Healthy fats anyone?)

So here’s some #REALTALK.

Lacey Ernandes and Megan Militello Founders of Elevated Oats

We are real humans (👋) who aren’t here just to sell you granola. We’re here to help you elevate your life.

So... Can we put ❌ to something?

Let’s end the “overcomplicating our food” thing. Mmmkay?

Let’s quit the endless diet hustle to stay on top of a noisy world that whispers try me, try me, try me.

Let’s call an audible on feeling like you can’t have the convenience you crave alongside the quality you insist on.


Let’s keep it simple.

Did you know that when we were first starting out, we thought of having skincare products, beauty supplies, desserts, breakfast dishes, and more. It was going to be oat central 24/7 at Elevated Oats.

But, we were wrong.

The truth is — Elevated Oats isn't even about oats.

It’s about YOU.

You, the busy-as-hell-adventure-seeker who is choosy about what you put in your body.

You, the on-the-go getter who wants to stop eating your emotions.

You, the health conscious world traveler who wants to free themselves of the hold huge companies have on us.

When you take on a mission to change people's perspective on food and mental health, you realize that what you're really trying to do is change the world. We'll be honest. We know we can't change the world... alone.

inspirational quote let's root for each other and watch each other grow


So let's start right here, together.🙌

Join our community on Facebook and let's ELEVATE each other!

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