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What's for breakfast?! Salted Cocoa Crunch Belgium Waffles! 🧇

Updated: Jan 9

Elevated Oats Dark and Salty Belgium Waffle Recipe Anchorage Alaska

Cooking from scratch is something that's had a complete overhaul on my life. My first husband will tell you that I showed up to cook us dinner from (what I considered) scratch with a box of macaroni and cheese. I didn't know much about food or how to create it.

Growing up, I didn't have many role models. I grew up in a broken home, moved around a lot, drank a lot of soda and ate out frequently— Have you ever had the chocolate cake from Jack-in-the-Box? Not the Chocolate Overload Cake (it's too new). I'm talking about the small rectangular shaped one with a little white frosting flower, chocolate icing, and chocolate sprinkles from the 1990s.

My point is— life was busy— we ate out a lot and did not have healthy eating habits.

My relationship with food dramatically changed after moving back to Hawaii in 2015 and deciding to become vegan. I read every label, made essential vegan dishes and alternative classics, and was surprisingly committed... for four months. BUT it changed everything I knew about food— specifically vegetables.

But then my life changed paths again, as life does. I moved to the Big Island without a job lined up, and the newly earned free time allowed me to dive into hobbies I never thought I'd have the time or space to dedicate. I started to garden and cook EVERYTHING— I had plenty of time. I had deleted all of my personal social media accounts.

Pinterest became my best friend. I was continually collecting recipes and reading blogs about gardening, woodworking projects, and cooking. I was CREATING everything. I became addicted to producing dishes that were simple, full of flavor, and...time-consuming— but I felt like I was making magic, and eating was the best part.

When I moved in with my family in Alaska, I knew they ate out often, and I wasn't looking forward to it. It wasn't for me. I'm too picky, too frugal, and prefer a lot of vegetables (which is surprisingly hard to get when eating out). With blending our family into a single unit— the food situation had to change. 10 months and COVID-19 later— the family hardly eats out, we communicate for meal plans, and we each have our own roles. It's been a change for the better, helping us become a more unified family unit.

Let’s get to this masterpiece of a breakfast!

Dad is the breakfast man and the plan was WAFFLES. I’m the woman with granola for everything… SO— here are some Salted Cocoa Crunch Granola Confetti Waffles! 

Here’s the Belgian Waffle recipe we use

Add Salted Cocoa Crunch granola crumbs on top of the wet batter before closing.

Blackberry Compote

Homemade Whipped Cream

Top with MORE Salted Cocoa Crunch Granola and Maple Syrup.

We’ve added granola on TOP of pancakes and other sweet breakfast dishes, but never IN the batter. Being the first time, I thought that adding granola directly INTO the batter would not allow for even distribution— I thought it would sink to the bottom. When the wet batter was poured into the waffle maker, I sprinkled the crumbs of Salted Cocoa Crunch over the top. I stuck with the crumbs because I wasn’t sure how large pieces would fair when the waffle iron was closed-- almonds are not a very soft nut.

I love how manipulating one ingredient can change an entire dish and show off some technique! This recipe calls for the eggs to be separated and the egg whites beaten to stiff peaks. Folding in the beaten egg white will keep the waffles light!

Rachel busted out a quick Blackberry Compote; reduce berries with a little sugar and lemon juice. Maxton has become a pro at making whipped cream. It all started with a family panicking when they couldn’t find another Whipped Cream canister in the fridge.

“Please don’t go to the store, this is an easy fix. Let me show you."

It’s literally 3 ingredients-- heavy whipping cream, powdered sugar, and vanilla. If you have a KitchenAid, it’s even easier!

Whipped Cream from scratch has become a must around here. Plus you can control everything about it-- reduce the sugar, add some lemon zest, use almond extract, modify it any way you’d like! It’s a quick and easy way to add your own flair to any Whipped Cream.

The best thing about this breakfast-- we worked together as a team (well-- I didn’t have to do much!) to create something fun and delicious!

Try adding some Salted Cocoa Crunch to your waffles for added flavor and texture.

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