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You may have noticed...

If you've purchased our granola in the last couple of months, you may have noticed that there is a line scratched out on the ingredients on the bag.

It kinda looks like it's the first ingredient, but it's not.

Elevated Oats gourmet granola

Our first ingredient is gluten free rolled oats. But there was something up with the oat crops this year, so getting organic gluten free rolled oats was a big challenge.

We ended up having to buy a pallet of [non-organic] gluten free rolled oats.

So... great that they were gluten free. But, It's unfortunate that they weren't organic: we spend a lot of our time crossing organic off of all of our bags. We want to be transparent: we’re not trying to hide anything.

So nothing fishy here, just not organic oats right now.

Maybe in the future, but that's it.

Wanted to let you know. ✌️